Hat sizing tip: if you feel the hat isnt going to fit the shape of your dogs head than do yourself(an your dog) a favor an go a size up. its better the hat be too big than too small

tl;dr story: i got the XXS an immediately felt it wouldnt fit while in the store an found out when i got home it indeed does not fit. the base of the hat is way too small to even begin to fit over my dogs apple shaped head LOL - i tried using the draw string thingy thats made into the hat but it didnt help at all,, in fact it made things worse causing the hat to want to lean to one side or the other or choke my dog depending on how much it was tightened. i ended up having to just balance the hat on her head which presented another challenge in its own. so thought id share this little tid-bit to maybe save someone else(an their dog) from having to go through the samething LOL

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