I keep getting asked why i dont shave my dog for the summer an whats my grooming routine

the reasons why i dont shave my dog is it takes long haired chihuahuas 'years' to fully grow their coat out an she has a double coat. also for as much as my dog sheds i know shes in no danger of over heating. plus when a double coat is shaved there is always a chance of damaging the coat to the point its never the same before the shave an shaving makes the dog susceptible to sunburn. all these reasons is why i'll never have my dog shaved expect for medical reasons.

in the summer i brush her for 5minutes with a regular slicker brush every day to every other day; in the winter i brush her once every other week. usually each brushing removes 3-4handfuls of dead/loose hair in the summer an in the winter it removes barley a handful. this really helps as i have yet to see anymore dog hair caked on my computer vents/fans or dog hair puff ball floaties roaming the floors since ive kept this routine.

i trim her one sanitary area as poop doesnt stick to her coat at all unless shes not feeling well(extremely rare)
her nails i trim every other week. i also trim the fuzz that grows between an around her paw pads once a month to allow better airflow an grip on slick surfaces an helps keep her paws from picking up sap.

her teeth she keeps clean on her own as im fortunate to have found chews she loves that does the job

her ears i keep looking into to make sure but theyre so far always are clean

an thats it unless theres an actual reason to give her a bath for since shes a dog that doesnt get dirty easily or have odor to her

what she looks like when she does have a bath:

some links regarding what a double coat is an what shaving can do to a double coat:
info about what double coat is; video explanation
video of a dog with a damaged double coat from being shaved pictures of dogs with damaged double coat from being shaved
read the comment section an see how many people regret having their double coated dog/s shaved.

anywho maybe something to keep in mind before having your double coated dog shaved