Pixies Gotcha Day
todays is September 4th. the very day we got Pixie 5years ago!
(this page was last updated in 2019)

heres a recap:

collage of the first pictures i took of her

she weighed only 2.6pounds an tiny enough to fit into a McDonalds cup

still sporting puppy fuzz

puppy fuzz no more but in a weird stage where it looks like her fur cant make up its mind to be long or short just yet LOL

tail an ear fuzzies starting to appear

tail an ear fuzzies a bit longer

some kind of weird neck thing going on

an without further ado.....

her as she is today. taken 10:30ish in the morning


a few pictures i took of her a bit before September:

i doubt i'll be updating this page regularly anymore since shes all grown up now :D

PitaPata Dog tickers
heres a timeline thingy to show her age from the first gotcha day on