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my links page

here's a button to my site if anyone wants to use it rather than use plain text links

if you think surfing the web is addicting you should try making webpages. if you havent already that is ;)
these are websites ive stumbled upon. i am not affiliated with any of these sites in any way but thought id share.
but before your clicking adventure please bookmark my page now or click HERE to return to my home page as any of the links below will take you off my webpage.

Daily Clickables(feed animals with a single click)

The Animal Rescue Site   Free Kibble / Free Kibblekat   Care2Pets   Barking Mad   Click to Give
than theres Art Helping Anaimals

Informative/Helpful animal Sites

Vitalanimal what you need to know if your out of date rabies shot dog bit someone
RFFIT a site about RFFIT testing an costs for it
Hyponatremia in dogs and cats
Fit or Fat<---read that if youre ever confused about if your dog is fit or too skinny or on the chubby side
Foxtail grasses can be lethal to dogs
Mesh hoodie to help keep dogs face an ears safe from foxtails
Stones In Bird Baths could save lives
Animal Rescue Flights more ways to save lives
Beware Of Chip Bags prevent suffocation
Giggle Ball a popular dog toy could be dangerous(the site is broken now but the gist of the message is still there)
BarkBox buy dog goodies an support rescue or shelter animals
Dog Breed Info learn about your breed/s
ACL/CCL Ligament Injury Info help in deciding if surgery is necessary
International Wolf Center learn about wolves
Molecular Evolution of the dog family
Dog Genetics learn about coat colors an more
Bark Busters find dog trainers near you
Through A Dogs Ear music to sooth the savage beast ;)
Dog Food Advisor dog food reviews an dog food ratings
Pets Welcome list of hotels who accept pets
Bring Fido dog friendly restaurants
Microchip ID identification for life
Allrecipes title says it! tons of recipes(for dogs included)
Horse info & art
Fish FAQ fishy information ;)
Apple Snail info & care
Frog Land learn about frogs

Dental Skeletal Retinal Anomaly (DSRA) in Cane Corso's read or listen to a video explanation about this scary and devastating disease.
if youre a Cane Corso breeder here's where you can purchase tests for your dogs to see if theyre carriers of it or not


got a dog thats knuckling? you may wanna try a special shoe called the Pug Ugg that
a nice lady explains how to make. or try this site depending on the knuckling.

Other helpful sites

Book Finder   BookBud   Used Book Search   World Clock   Currency Converter   Weight/Mass etc Converter   CodeNMore   Alt Codes    HTML Colors


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Random animal sites

Daily Puppy   Funny Puppy Pictures   Dog Shaming   Zoo Borns  Best Cat Videos   PetTube   Cute Overload   That Cute Site(similar to Cute Overload)   Animal Tracks   Cute Pug Pics   Pug World   Noriis cat page   Cane Corso pedigree database

click the dog to go to a shirt shop
i love the logol. its the word chihuahua in the shape of a chihuahua. whats not to love
(site no longer active) :(

My Random favorite sites

YouTube   Dubbed Anime   Aion Online   Aion Gathering Charts   Aion Stigma Builder   Aion Time Schedule   Aion Tools   Corvettes   Corvette Blog   Motoramic   Autostream   Car Pics   GifCities   deviantART   FanFiction   Creative Uncut   Cute Girl Hair Styles   World Atlas   Lassen Art    Lesley Harrison   Wallpaper Abyss   mWallpapers   All My Favs   Fractals Wallpaper   Emoticons   40 types of weird flowers   Hiclipart   Oneclipart   GoArt   Types of Succlents   Webrings   Postimage   Radio Garden

Webcomics that i read
in the order that ive read them
(for just in case purposes all links under Webcomics is rated for ages 17+)

Hyperbole and a Half   Off-White   Milk for the Ugly   Wilde Life   Awaken   Lost Nightmare  and a bunch of Diesel Sweeties and The Oatmeal ones

Edit; touch up photos or make collages through webpages

Sharpen Image
Picsart editor
Add text


Firefox an awesome web browser
Discord gaming messenger with voice chat
Open Broadcaster open source software for live streaming an recording
PhotoFiltre free photo editing program
VLC Player multimedia player
Speccy nifty program that gives you information about your computer and its temperatures

possible help for online gamers with a lousy ping: Leatrix Latency Fix or try WTFast an if those didnt work try Battleping

~ ~ ~~ other helpful computer related stuff: ~~ ~ ~
dead pixel fix try this if youve cleaned your monitor but still have that black speck on your screen