Bit-o-bout me / sorry in advance cuz im boring.

Name: Carol
gender: female
orientation: straight
height: 5'2"
siblings: one older brother; though technically i have five other older half siblings. i say technically cuz ... - short to the point version: they care more about getting booze/drugs than they do anything else. so yep only one brother. much easier to say an no tl;dr thing =P
resides in: Washington, state
first MMO: dont judge me...but Age of Conan. my brother got two copies of it an dragged me into the world of MMOs an ive been enjoying that world ever since. well... except for when PvP is forced on you. Aion im looking at you <<
music: im pretty random with music but im no fan of country or heavy metal/screamo.
my faovrite color is cornflower blue but i also like any shade of blue
im not much of a girly girl but i do like cute little colorful things like a lot of stuff on this site an flowers
favorite food: cheeseburger an fries
favorite soda: Coca-Cola
favorite animal: anything in the canine family
least favorite animal: mosquito
favorite flowers: sunflowers; pansy flowers an anything trumpet shaped(morning glories; daffodils; hibiscus an etc)
hobbies: i love to go on long walks/hiking with my dog an obviously i love to take pictures of my dog. i also like to read an play video games an watch movies an make webpages. - told you,, im boring.... LOL
favorite authors: Stephen King; R.L.Stine
favorite candy: milk chocolate M&Ms(with or without peanuts) an Snickers
favorite smells: fresh cut grass or hay; lilac; the air on really cold days; birch trees; puppy breath; WD-40

my pet peeves:
when people walk their dog without a leash in public areas
when the sun reflects off something on the vehicle in front of me an blinds me
looking around for items when they were on my desk or in my purse the entire time x_x
when people bring young children to R rated movies or bars
when people bring animals that arent service animals into shopping centers or restaurants
when too many sequels are made

my top favorite games:
Halo - overall everything kept me replaying this game. id still be replaying it from time to time today if my controller didnt get broken
Dead to Rights - a game that has a bit of everything,, even a dog!
Dead to Rights Retribution - not as good as the first DtR but still fun with replay value to me
BioShock - story rich game that makes it hard to put down the controller an over all fun gameplay that has me coming back time an time again

MMOs ive played an in the order ive played them:
Age of Conan
Warhammer Online
Dark Age of Camelot - kinda anyway. i only played it with my brother an usually logged out right after he did
Aion (i still play it once in a while)
Blade and Soul
Path of Exile - i didnt care for it though.
Riders of Icarus - most glitchest game ive ever played LOL
Tree of Savior

game related story thing:
when my brother an i were kids he used to wake me up early in the morning to watch him play a video game an i would be so sad whenever he didnt wake me up cuz i wanted to see what happened in the game an i always felt like i was missing key parts to a story if he didnt. sure i could of played the game for myself but i actually preferred to watch him then to play it.