my dog may look funny in the pictures since shes not in any danger but the message is no joking matter

when a pet sticks her/his head inside a snack bag(potato chips; cookies; candy; popcorn; pretzels; crackers; cereal bags/liners; including bags that have pet treats; pet food etc) for crumbs it creates a vacuum like seal around the neck/head area of the pet an the pet cannot get the bag off their head an they end up suffocating to death,, and it can happen to 'any' size of dog or cat.

liners are inside cereal boxes; cheez-it boxes an numerous other kinds of boxed snacks/foods.

so always keep bagged/boxed snacks/food/pet treats items WELL out of reach of pets at all times an when the bag is empty cut or rip the bag twice along the seams or cut the bag up into several strips so it's not a risk anymore.

please click HERE to request that fritos put pet suffocation warning labels on their bags

lunch bags an dry wet bags(items made of fabric on the outside but the inside has a plastic-like lining) pose a risk of suffocation to pets as well.

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also on a different subject:

lots of people like to have collars on their dogs and cats to have ID and rabies tag on them but if it's not a KeepSafe collar(or a collar thats made to do the samething) than the collar can become a death trap as it catches on a tree branch or bush; crate bars; heating/cooling vents; door knobs on cabinets; table and chair legs; fence; deck; carpet; other pets teeth/lower jaw getting caught on/under the collar during play and etc etc etc.

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on another different subject:
ice melt

it maybe best that you dont trust any type of ice melt regardless if the label has 'pet friendly' or 'pet safe' on the bag

for years we were getting ice melt from Walmart and had no issues with it what so ever but the beginning of winter of 2023 when we tried to get ice melt they were all sold out of it and didnt know when they would be getting any in again. so we got ice melt from somewhere else that had 'pet safe' and 'environmentally friendly' labels on the bag so we thought it was more or less the same stuff we had gotten from Walmart. after a couple of months of using it my dads dog started chewing on her back paw but only for a minute and then she quit so we didnt get concerned. however the next morning she could hardly walk on any of her paws. i laid her on the kitchen counter to take a look and all her paws pads had holes in them and i knew instantly it was the ice melt. it burned the heck out of her paw pads; and lemmie tell you paw injures of any kind take a loooooong time to heal and it majorly sucks for the dog. it also sucks for the owner having to worry about keeping the injures clean and keeping the medicated ointment stuff on their paws 'and' see to it that the bandages isnt chewed etc...

so from now on out we are not trusting any type of ice melt regardless of what's on the label.

we are now carrying our dogs over the steps where ice melt was used until a good rain washes all the junk away

my dog was in need of a paw fuzzies trim when we first started using the ice melt and i think it's what saved her from getting burned as my dads dog is short haired with very few hairs covering any of her pads but Pixie grows hair out between/around her paw pads and if left untrimmed turn into 'slippers' that does a pretty good job of covering her pads when there's no mud to gum up the hair up