my dog may look funny in the pictures since shes not in any danger but the message is no joking matter

when a pet sticks her/his head inside a snack bag(potato chips; cookies; candy; popcorn; pretzels; crackers; cereal bags/liners; pet treats; pet food etc) for crumbs it creates a vacuum like seal around the neck/head area of the pet an the pet cannot get the bag off their head an they end up suffocating to death,, an it can happen to 'any' size of dog or cat.

liners are inside cereal boxes; cheez-it boxes an numerous other kinds of boxed snacks/foods.

so always keep bagged/boxed snacks/food/pet treats items WELL out of reach of pets at all times an when the bag is empty cut or rip the bag twice along the seams or cut the bag up into several strips so its not a risk anymore.

please click HERE to request that fritos put pet suffocation warning labels on their bags

lunch bags an dry wet bags(items made of fabric on the outside but the inside has a plastic like lining) pose a risk of suffocation to pets as well.

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also on a different subject:

lots of people like to have collars on their dogs an cats to have ID on them but if its not a KeepSafe collar(or a collar thats made to do the samething) than the collar can be a death trap as it catches on a tree branch or bush; crate bars; heating/cooling vents; table an chair legs; fence; deck; carpet; other pets teeth/lower jaw getting caught on/under the collar during play.

i made this page to inform unknowing pet owners about pet suffocation an danger that regular collars can bring