her main 'bed'(old fashioned foot stool under my desk with a blanket over it) ended up having to be pulled out to prep my desk for a new monitor
so i put her in her crate to keep her safe from getting stepped on or whatever during all the chaos

the reason why is my old 15" monitor started acting wonky,, i had to turn it off and on a whole bunch of times before it finally came on and stayed on. my dad knew it was about to totally go kaput on me so he dragged me to town to get a new monitor a couple days ago. unfortunately the smallest monitors they had were 24" so that's what i ended up getting. the board the orange arrow is pointing to is the whole reason why getting a bigger monitor was such a nightmare. as you can see my 15" monitor just barely fit as it was and 24" is quite a bit more than 15"... LOL took my dad and i half the day to get that board detached from my desk(it was attached by a couple of screws that were difficult to reach. the screws were to keep the hutch from 'floating' if it got nudged/bumped.) i replaced the board to help support the hutch but it's no longer attached to my desk and now can easily be moved/removed

here she is happy the whole ordeal is over with(and very much my dad and i too LOL)

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