finally got nice enough weather to spend time outside

i like to sit outside whenever i can and watch the world go by for a while. something some people may not get as it looks like im just sitting there doing nothing to them.
meanwhile i am noticing so much stuff going on. nature is really the best 'screen saver' there is in my opinion. even if it is just the sunlight in/on through a bunch of trees and everything

though Pixie used to be afraid to stand/sit and lay down on the bench but after me sitting here so often she learned not be afraid and even hops up on the bench all on her own.
she heard the neighbors horse neigh but there was a breeze and she couldnt quite figure out which direction the sound came from

i attempted to edit my very white knobby knee out of the picture so that's why it looks weird LOL anyway she was watching my dad walk over to us cuz she knows he brings cookies or doughnuts with
him as he comes out to spend time with me and she was looking forward to getting a few tiny crumbs off my shirt when i am finished eating. yeah may sound mean but id rather not have her
become diabetic from sugar overload; plus she gets enough crumbs off my shirt that i may as well be sharing with her anyway. also the last picture i got before we headed back to the house

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