it's firewood getting season again(actually been getting firewood since beginning of June between rainy days) and are continuing to get firewood early in the morning to beat the heat

Pixie is left inside my room for the endeavors as the whole prosses takes a long time. first any branches that are attached need to be cut off and moved enough so that theyre out of the way. then i mark the tree so that each cut section comes out to 16" with spray paint. then dad cuts the tree with the chainsaw and then i pick up the rounds and put them in the cart as he cuts. typically we go for trees that have died and fallen to the ground on there own. sometimes though we have to cut them down as if they remain standing dead too long the wood can become useless.(becomes too dry/almost driftwood like state to the point it's difficult to burn and also puts hardly any heat out) and usually when we cut them down the stupid thing hangs up in a live-healthy neighboring trees branches >< when that happens we wrap a chain around the tree for firewood and link up other chains until we can finally wrap a chain around the nearest healthy tree to a come-along to pull the tree for firewood in whatever direction to get it out of the other trees branches. yes... it's as compilated and messy as it sounds LOL also is quite dangerous too. but it's do this or freeze in the winter time ;_;

here she is enjoying last years hard work and warmth :D

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