slight road trip! im going to be house and pet sitting for a handful of days

these are the two partners in crime that im watching over. Turbo is a 1year old hound mix of some sort and a major goofball that thinks his tail is a toy and will chase it or do some kind of very weird dance while sitting down on the couch to try to grab it LOL

Pudge may also be a mix of some sort(vizsla and hound maybe - if not a pure bred vizzy) and about 6months old. hes a very shy dude that likes to stick nearby Turbo like hes attached to him by invisible velcro; both of them were very curious about Pixie and would stick their face near hers quite often which she was very much not a fan of,, but thankfully they would get busy playing among each other and leave her alone for the most part. both Turbo and Pudge are my youngest nephew in-laws dogs. at least for now; there maybe a fight between my brother and sister in-law over whos dogs they really are when he becomes an adult and attempts to take the dogs with him LOL

watching them play and unsure about all the noise they were making

she was nervous around these guys pretty much the entire time :( cant say i blame her. theyre so much bigger than her and are in that crazy rambunctious puppy stage of life. so to give her a break from all the crazy puppy noise and energy i took her on frequent short walks around and nearby the house with Turbo and Pudge allowed to go into their fenced in backyard area if they didnt want to stay in the house

here she is checking out/posing beside the cute flowers nearby

and just chilling in the grass

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