we got rain and a little bit of wind last night. the rain melted a bit more of the snow and then it dropped below 20°F and turned the snow back into a solid brick like state and the wind blew a bunch of leavings out of the trees making a widespread mess

we were walking along and all of a sudden she stops and looks up at me like this indicating that she wants to play. unfortunately i didnt bring her ball since the weather hasnt been all that nice

when she seen that i wasnt reaching into my jacket pocket for her ball after her subtle hinting that she wanted to play she sat down and took to watching the chickadees nearby hop around and gather seeds from the snow that got blown down and around by the wind

after a a couple of minutes of watching them she suddenly stood up and ran around like a goofball. these zoomie states are a rare treat this time of year since it's either too much of a sloshy mess; too slick or too cold for either of us to want to do much of anything outside

here's a video of some of the craziness :D

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