going through my thumb drive i found my folder of where i cat/house sat back in 2019that i hadnt gotten around to sharing for whatever reason or another. now that i have free time and yada yada here yaz be:

the orange one prefers to hang out in their backyard but is scared of humans he doesnt know and runs from me if i get too close to him but Pixie on her 16foot long retractable leash is able to say hi to him no problem. she was more than happy to chill along side him on that rock while i sat on their picnic table and read a book for a long while - keeping them both in my peripheral vision the whole time

once the cat wandered off to do cat things she came over and hung out with me on the picnic table. the notch had her confused LOL

this guy though is super friendly but kinda unsure of a dog hes never met before. didnt stop him from laying against the side of my leg and purring away though. also it may seem like Pixies terrified of him but shes not. someone honked their car and she was trying to look out the window to see what made the noise

sleeping almost head to head with one another
this has been my most favorite kind of pet sitting and Pixies too. she loves cats so she wasnt anxious around them and i didnt feel like there was a weight on my shoulders to make dang sure i watch to see to it that no one doesnt chew on things or get into anything they shouldnt etc etc etc like when im pet sitting other peoples dogs. so we spent most of our time outside exploring or just chilling in their backyard

during one of our long walks along the public road i noticed a for sale sign and kinda....went trespassing >>

reminds me a lot of back home but here it's even thicker yet with trees and brush

thought the tree that's leaning across the clearing looked cool

and her expression is super cute

we continued to follow the trail for several minutes before i decided to turn back before either of us stepped in a bear trap or got shot or whatever... never know yo LOL

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