it's still been too hot to do much of anything and also hasnt rained(a measurable amount anyway) here in 'over' 4weeks. everything is super dusty ... and so is Pixie LOL

shes in need of a bath. just look at that dirty belly :O(her belly should be solid pale pink!) and instead of being white and black shes now off-white and black LOL but being it's still so dusty i dont see the point in giving her a bath for her to get just as dirty in a couple of days

here's a outside shot where it's easier to see how dusty she is

and how unimpressed she is too LOL (she misses our long walks and being able to play outside)

shes mostly dirty on her mane and undercarriage and the semi-long fuzzies that line the back sides of her front legs(or what i like to call her 'spoiler wings') and the underside of her tail fuzzies as when she plays and runs around she often tucks her tail and entire butt to get extra bursts of speed when she launches herself with her back legs and her tail picks up the backdraft as she zings around. ~ (you can look at the white on her head and muzzle and sides and see shes definitely a shade or two brighter white than the other areas mentioned) ~

i'll be adding pictures of when i do bathe her in a upcoming page whenever it rains(and i mean really rains. not the kind of wanna-be-rain where you can sneeze and produce more moisture than it did when it 'rained') and gets rid of all the dust

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