her an her ball.... LOL

she for the most part keeps it to either side of her mouth

there was a squirrel chattering in a tree nearby causing her to trot towards me with her ears perked

i managed to get some pretty good pictures of her

normally though she runs full speed at me looking like a tiny werewolf like in the pictures above an then nose plants the ball into my hand

however if she runs at me full speed an then slows way down about twenty or so feet before she gets to me with the very same werewolf like expression than shes letting me know that the normal game of fetch is getting on the boring side. it's time to get serious LOL

wanting me to take it an not take it at the sametime. mixing in a little game of tug-o-war

then i'll pretend im going to throw the ball but instead close my hand around it during the fake throw. sometimes she falls for it an sometimes she doesnt.
here she is keeping a close eye on my hand with her ball

she almost fully fell for the fake throw but quickly realized she been had an in the process of making a U-turn. if she does fall for it i let her run after the phantom ball an then let her sniff around to try an find it for a few minutes before i call her an show her the ball is still in my hand. that way there she gets a little bit of a brain an nose puzzle all in one. it's getting harder an harder to trick her though as shes learning that if she doesnt hear her ball splat on the ground somewhere nearby than i havent thrown it

zooming after her ball after many fake throws. intriguing her interest the game again

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