hearing something

confused as to why shes in there by herself

LOL that face...

friendly reminder: in 78°F weather the temperature inside of a parked vehicle can soar to 100-210°F in just mere minutes an dogs feel heat an sweat differently than humans do. so parking in the shade an leaving the windows partially down or even down all the way does very little.

on the flipside of things just cuz a dog is in a car on a hot day doesnt mean the owner hasnt taken precaution like cranking the air conditioner an gotten the inside temperature cold before having to stop to go to the bathroom or pick up a prescription an will be back before the inside temperature is anywhere near a threat.

the best thing you can do if havent already is to educate yourself of the signs of heatstroke in dogs an youll be able to glance at any dog an know when to take action an when not to.

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