my previous dog was easy to get action pictures of as id tell him sit or stay an id walk a good distance away an then call his name an press the shutter button as fast as i could while he ran towards me. but Pixie sticks to me like glue unless i throw something for her to fetch. i managed to get this action shot of her after i tricked her into thinking i threw her ball for her when i didnt an shes making her way back to pounce on my hand with her ball in it

keeping a extra close eye on my hand with her ball in it. she definitely wont be fooled this time LOL

bounding after it

right after she picked it up

an bringing it

she does know how to sit an how to stay but i can tell she gets anxious when i get however many feet away an eh... i dont want to put her through that for a couple of pictures without a toy in her mouth

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