Road trip!

well not really. just a couple miles down to my brother an sister in laws place to watch their dog for them for the rest of the day an part of the next morning

this is the fellow im assigned to watch. his name is Angus. hes a rottweiler/lab/terrier mix; forgot what kind of terrier though. hes in a permanent "play fetch with me!" mode even inside the house he'll find a way to plop his ball in your lap or shove it in your hand while youre watching a movie an the little toss across the room is somehow still great fun to him. outside you can throw it numerous times until hes panting pretty hard an he'll go lay down to catch his breath; just barely catch it an than hes ready for another round of fetch an never ever gets bored of it. unlike Pixie who will play fetch until shes tired or gets bored of it an is more than content to do something else

i was thinking of leaving her with my dad since i wouldnt be gone all that long but she'd be kept in my room by herself since my dad has a dog of his own
this is the reason i was thinking of leaving her with my dad an also why i didnt

her face says it all LOL she loves every human shes ever met but is a aloof with other dogs but thankfully not aggressive towards them; just wants to keep her distance an i figured Angus would be better behaved than my dads obnoxious dog

an i was right; Angus is a good boy an gives her her space. i throw the ball for him until hes tired out 5times in a row; let him get a big drink of water an than tie him up to the the dog run they have an take Pixie on an adventure through town while Angus catches his breath

found some kind of apple tree in the outskirts of a school property

since i forgot to bring her ball an she snubs her nose at Angus's ball i try getting her interested in using an apple for a makeshift ball

i tossed it over somewhere away from the other apples an a confused Pixie checks it out. she did more sniffing of it than anything for starters

but then brought it over

kind of distracted by cars on the highway or people walking way off in the distance but not enough to lose interest in the game. she had so much fun; especially when i tossed the apple into the mix of other apples an she sniffed around until she found 'our apple.'

she found out the makeshift ball tastes pretty good as well. i let her munch on it for a few an than head back to the house since it was getting pretty dark to the point everyone was driving around with their headlights on. i wait for her to catch her breath an then let Angus in an he laid down at my feet with his ball while Pixie took her usual place on my lap

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