between me getting sick an bunch of other stuff happening in real life i have not felt like updating

however now that i have free time i am providing a several page in one update!
NOTICE: this page has lots of pictures on it. if a few of the pictures dont load refresh the page an everything should load fine afterwords.
anyway on to the pictures!

this is the amount of the snow we got for all of December... LOL

was just barely enough to cover everything

it melted down to this only a few hours later; this is what our Christmas looked like as well.
im not even sure if one could call this a white Christmas? LOL

taken January 11th. got a foot of snow

taken the 13th. got a foot an a half

snow piled up right outside the back door of the house

i took this standing exactly where she was posing at in the picture above

i like the shadows in this one

maybe she thinks shes a husky LOL

the 18th with yet another foot of snow

taken 15minutes ago

now yaz all are caught up :D

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Graphics from: bellsnwhistles