if shes not on the floor in my room nomming on a chew or eating/drinking shes up here on my lap. this is generally how she positions herself for starters.
everytime i look down at her shes looking back up at me like that an makes me laugh till she falls asleep

an if shes feeling a tid toasty she'll sprawl out here like this an fall asleep

or like this with her head dangling to the floor. i am grateful she has for the most part stopped laying like this as it worries me that she'll splat to the floor at some point

she likes to snuggle against me like this to. can be a bit of a problem if im playing a game where i use the arrow keys to move my character around as her apple head sticks up just a tid in the way LOL

after a long while she'll lay further back on the foot stool under my desk where i'll feel her lay against my foot or my knee. i tried to get a picture of her laying back there but its far too dark for my camera to pick up anything

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