ive been asked "whats in your purse?" an to answer that question...

why Pixie of course! LOL - just kidding. i had her pose in my purse for the pictures only. but as you can see she fit easily inside the main compartment of the purse an thats whether she was sitting or standing in it. needles to say finding anything small in this purse is like searching through an abyss. so i improvised by getting a couple of pouches for some organization an clipping my keys to a d-ring on the purse an let my keys dangle inside my purse(no clackity clack of keys/fobs that way). anywho on to the contents.

in the main comparment:
green foam divider i put my iPad between for some cushioning for it. - the divder came from a bag i no longer use
Dex Yellow Pages phonebook
two pouches

one pouch is a black Mead Five Star 3 zipper pencil pouch an in it i have:
1st zipper: handful of Ibuprofen; handful of lens cleaning wipes; band-aids
2nt zipper: handful of Plackers; a couple of hairties; compact mirror
3rd zipper: pads; tampons; small hairbrush

the other pouch is a 2 zipper rainbow colored all purpose wet/dry pouch an in it i have:
1st zipper: earbuds; charging cable an brick; bandage style wrist support
2nt zippper: summer hat - i use it a lot on sunny days when im driving(or as a passenger) as it beats moving the cars visor every which direction needed

secant comparment:
nail kit
antibacterial moist wipes
small packet of Kleenex tissues
Jolly Rancher hard candy
dog food coupons
old receipts that i should prolly throw away soon

left small pocket:
money; chapstick

right small side pocket:
small notebook; pen
old as dirt flip phone

an thats everything.