it finally rained and when it did it didnt mess around about it. it poured down so hard and so fast i could hear it raining while i was showering. so the next morning Pixie finally got dunked and she wasnt happy about it LOL she used to like her bath time but the water in her tub quickly cools down and she doesnt like sitting or standing around in it. cant say i blame her. wish i could drill a small hole in the center of it and attach a garden hose to it and let it drain out into the shower while i bathe her but i dont know how to go about doing all that and also dont want to ruin her tub or make a big mess cuz it leak cuz ;cough; someone ;cough; doesnt know what theyre doing LOL
(also the way shes holding her paws against the tub makes her nails 'look' much longer than they really are)

the condition of the water after fully bathing her. ewwww

after blow-drying her i took this shot of her and then went outside

shes in much better spirits and keeping a extra close eye on my hand

she didnt see me put her ball in my pocket so she was skeptical of my hand movements LOL


im getting better at making weird as heck noises to get her to perk her ears during play :D

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