LOL that face. i love when she makes weird little noises as she grabs at the ball(or my hands) sounds very similar to a piglet :D

she didnt want to run on the ice so she ran along the on top of the snow to avoid the ice as she bounded after her ball

when it came to her having to be on the ice she took it slow. just look at the seriousness in her stance LOL this is what most of our driveway looks like. not fun to walk on; especially at night when it drops down between 15°-20°F. turns it into a solid sheet of black ice

werewolf mode Pixie doing a weird run an trot thing cuz right in the middle at a certain point it isnt slick at all so she picked up speed there

werewolf mode disengaged as i made a weird noise

a few days after making page 75 this is what the other half of our driveway looks like up in the field. looks a lot like springs right around the corner. unlike the bottom portion that's shaded by many a tree. however there is snow in the forecast soon. really hoping mother nature isnt a butthead an dump more snow on us x_x

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Graphics from: bellsnwhistles